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Photos by Aleksandar Plačkov

With Scott Hamilton

With saxophonist Billy Harper
Photo by Don Hood

With one of my heroes, Belgian guitarist Philip Catherine

With violin virtuoso Stefan Milenković after recording the chamber version of my composition "Sarabande Blue"

With pianist Larry Vuckovich

With bassist John Clayton

With guitarist/vocalist Paulinho Garcia

With harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy and guitarist Paulinho Garcia

With vocalist/pianist Patricia Barber, Green Mill jazz club, Chicago

With bassist Kelly Sill, live recording at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago

With guitarist Larry Coryell and his wife Tracey

With organist Joey DeFrancesco

In concert with the legendary violinist Johnny Frigo.
You got it: I don't have a better picture.
Left to right: Nick Schneider (bass),
Rick Frigo (drums), Johnny Frigo (violin), Z.T.

With Larry Gray and Paul Wertico

With guitarist Henry Johnson

At the legendary Jazz Showcase in Chicago, with Kelly Sill (bass) and Ernie Adams (drums)



With Carl Schulze Quartet in Holland

On a cruise ship somewhere in Holland,
with Marion van der Velde.

Recording with Andy Gütte's band in Hannover, Germany.

One of my first gigs, a looong time ago: With a great friend, vocalist Piroška Ema Matić

With guitarist/vocalist Paulinho Garcia

With Marlene Rosenberg
Photo: Kevin Evensen

Don't you just love concert music? With Marija & Vera after a concert in
Belgrade featuring my arrangements,
sponsored by the George Soros Foundation.

With my late buddy Will Flekzer at the best little jazz joint in Holland:
d'Hooge Ghast in Purmerend.

Photos by Joost Leijen.

Touring in Holland

Zvonimir Tot-Alex Milo Quartet, featuring Peter King
Left to right:
Z.T., Alex Milo (bass) John Engels (drums),
Peter King (alto, soprano sax)


Photos by Bill Klewitz

Zvonimir Tot

ZT Quartet
Left to right: Z.T., Nick Tountas, Art Davis, Rusty Jones.
Left to right:
Art Davis, Rusty Jones, Z.T., Nick Tountas