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Special Package: Buy complete sheet music from the CD "Eloquent Silence" $12.00

Bruce's Dilemma $1.50

Eloquent Silence $1.50

Sarabande Blue (full score plus violin, guitar and bass parts) $5.00

Mira's Do-Re-Mis $1.50

Jurre $1.50

Hidden Truths $1.50

Sub Rosa $1.50

Babos $1.50

Message Received


Ingenuously Subjected $1.50

Buy the CD Unspoken Desire

March 3rd


Unspoken Desire (L's Theme) $1.50

Buy the CD Blue Quest Special Package: Buy complete sheet music from the CD "Blue Quest" $10.00

Just a Closer Walk with Thee $1.50

Dear Maestro (for Morricone) $1.50

Blue Quest $1.50

Groove Me Wah $1.50

Lady Agatha $1.50

Prince of Belgium (for Philip Catherine) $1.50

Gray Matter $1.50

Wiretap This! $1.50

Fugue for Mr. N. P. $1.50

Above and Within (Ron's Song) $1.50

Buy the CD Travels and Dreams Special Package: Buy complete sheet music from the CD "Travels and Dreams" $10.00

Jungle Walk $1.50

Magician's Kingdom $1.50

Pamela's Song $1.50

Voda Zvira $1.50

Maki (Guts & Glory) $1.50

The Poet (for Hein) $1.50

Song For My Mother (Pesma za moju majku) $1.50

The Rainbow Bridge (Fifi's Tune) $1.50

King's Ransom $1.50

A Sketch for Libby $1.50

Who Shot the Guitarist? $1.50

Arsen $1.50

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